Chris & Brendan's 40th Anniverary World Tour

25th Jan 2009

After much agonising we're nearly ready to go. Well not that ready; admittedly the tickets are booked and the accommodation in South Africa but the thorny issue of what to pack still has to be seriously addressed.  So far we've just about decided that we should take summerwear, hardly a  breakthrough in planning so the next few days are going to be ones of increasing panic.

The Route 

As Cleona ponted out, you can see as much poverty as you need to in Ballymun so we are eschewing the 3rd world and confining ourselves to relative comforts of South Africa, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, The Cook Islands and USA before returning to the financial melt-down that is Ireland.  Hopefully there'll be something left to come home to.





© 2008 Brendan McLaren

McLarens on Tour

  The Plan

In as much as there ever is a plan with me, usually things just happen, I hope to be able to master the technology sufficiently to post regular updates of our travels and some photos of the places of interest.  All of this depends on being able to figure out my new notebook, a dinky little afair made by Acer and more importantly make the necessary connections with my website whilst away.  We will see.

So log on from time to time to see what we're upto and if you are so inclined you can send us an e-mail. However we do not want to hear about the "R" word nor what draconian measures Biffo has brought in.  We'll save that for when we get back and then we can be truely depressed.